The passion for music, for sound,
and inspiration becomes the actual need for life.

“Alex Raidis started piano at the age of  6. He took several year of private piano lessons and then joined Neο Conservatory of Thessaloniki until his graduation having studied piano and music theory. At the age of 19 he moved to London where he was accepted in Middlesex University.
His 3 year studies where concluded acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Composition. After that he continued in City University for a Master’s degree, specialising in Music Composition. From then on he composed various styles of music, orchestral, film, theatre, having composed music for 5 musicals, more than a hundred independent orchestral releases, advertisement productions as well as songwriting.
Apart from music composition he teaches for more than 18 years in private education tuitions as a Music Technology and Sound Engineering tutor.  In addition to that he is the main Sound Engineer and Recordist of the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki.